17 March 2008

to do: take offense.

i have a huge e-crush on someeards.com.

they are wholly inappropriate and just strikingly, breathtakingly hilarious.

i have a friend who loves e-cards and another friend who loves amy sedaris and it's like the two of them had a brilliant, beautiful love child that is making me pee a little in my cubicle.

11 March 2008

alternative pop

it's been over 40 degrees the past week. which means: practically spring. which means: practically summer. which means: iced coffee!

but since i'm trying to be healthier + try new things, I made iced green tea:

1. boil water in your teapot.
2. pour water in big cozy mug over more than 1 teabag. (i used 2)
3. steep it! (put plate over cup for a few minutes).
4. fill up little cute pyrex pitcher decorated with lemons with lots of ice. lots. of. ice.
5. if you have real lemons, throw 'em in. sliced, mister.
6. pour hot tea over ice sloooowwwwllllllyyyyyyyyyyy. slow it down.
7. let cool.
8. add a lot of sugar. stir. yum.
9. pour into glass.
10. drink.

and there you go, unnecessary directions you most likely did not need in order to make your own iced green tea, unless there are truly incompetent kitchen wonders like moi.


28 February 2008

flickr favorites

i have a nice inherited sewing machine
that sits on a desk unplugged.
and a bathroom cabinet turned fabric holder
hording lots of pretty fabric.
and a stack of sewing manuels from multiple
decades all piled up collecting dust.

27 February 2008

trying too hard.

Interesting: I recently found out from a friend that apple cider vinegar is a remedy for the most random of minor ailments.

Take for example, a completely random example of course, dandruff. Not that I would even begin to know what that's like! No. Not at all. It just popped in my head for an example to explain the wonders of apple cider vinegar. I could have used other examples, of course, this one in particular just stuck with me because, well, I mean, come on--dryness of the scalp? That's a pretty nasty ailment, in my book. Not that I would know. Definitely not.

So anyway, back to my friend who wasted countless hours googling "cures for dryness of the scalp that doesn't involve shelling out fifty bucks for head + shoulders in a fancy bottle." She told me about this apple cider viegar concoction---1 part ACV and 3 part H20 (look at me! i'm speaking science!) --mix it up, pour it over your dry disgusting scalp (no judgement!) and let it soak in. Massage it in, talk dirty to it, whatever your preference. Then, wash it out with with shampoo unless you enjoy smelling like a big ol' smelly bottle of apple cider vinegar (again, not judging!).

Got real bad nasty dry scalp? Do it every day! Then do it once a week! Then do it when you feel the need!

If I had a tv show on cable all about the wonders of vinegar, I would totally pull a rachel ray and insist on shortening apple cide vinegar to ACV but then every time I use it would say ACV and then continue to say the full name: apple cider vinegar, therefore really defeating the whole purpose of an acronym.

There you go! Lady Friend's "a la natural" tip of the week. So go take care of those dry scalps of yours. My friend gave her thumbs up on this ACV (apple cider vinegar) trick. She's trustworthy. Not to mention very witty and pretty.

25 February 2008


this weekend I sold the Kelly Girl Skirt to a girl named kelly.

i also ate a fantastic brunch, played a board game and went out a ghost tour.

it was a lovely, lovely weekend.


i have to say, i'm very thankful + fortunate to have some items listed under the "sold" catagory of my little etsy store. each + every sale has been exciting + nervewracking. i've been so proud to wrap up a little pouch or a warm cardigan and ship it off to its new home in canada or michigan. right before i send something off, usually waiting in line at the post office, i have this flash of insecurity, worried that the vintage something won't be treasured or loved or appreciated. you'd think i was sending puppies through ups.

i have to admit, i'm a bit of a dreamer. waiting in line, sitting in traffic, lying in bed, i concoct great schemes which i safely keep all locked up inside my head--rarely doing anything as drastic as following through (oohhhh....scary). well, this idea of a wee little store online has been nestled up there for a great while now and after some serious stalking, i mean, casually looking + reading about others making it happen, i did it. and regardless of how tempted i am to constantly change directions + start over, i'm moving forward. it might seem small, but to those of us who know much more about the "dreaming" than the "doing," it is an exciting big step to stand in line at the post office and actually follow through with one of those saved up dreams.